Trick A Journalist

Our marketing software automatically gets you press from journalists and influencers.

We'll scrape the web for journalists, automatically contact them, and get them to write about you - all without you lifting a finger.

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Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence bot (S.T.A.L.K.R.) finds journalists in every important industry - not bloggers with audiences of 7, but reporters at major publications. If they have influence, they're in our crosshairs.

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Using Deep Machine Learning, we take articles journalists have already written, and automatically generate new pitches including your information to send them. You won't have to write a thing. You don't even need a story.

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Contact Blast

Automated bots will blast journalists repeatedly with calls, email, social media, even snail mail, all on your behalf. Like a cheetah catching its prey, we will tire them out until they have no choice but to write about you.

Journalists at major business news sites wrote glowing reviews about our crypto startup. You’ve probably even read about us, and yet we didn’t even have an idea. :) Suckers.
— Startup Hustler

You'll be drowning in traffic from major publications, without any work from you.